The Rules

These are not in any specific order. Reading these is essential to playing, not reading them does not stand as a defense for breaking any of these and you will still be punished. And it sucks when I have to punish you.

Do not cheat.

It doesn’t matter what kind of cheat it is, don’t do it. Mistakes can happen, but we can typically tell something isn’t just a mistake. Small incidents of cheating will start in a warning, but recurrent or larger cases may result in removal of character(s) or a banhammer. That thing is heavy, don’t make me pick it up. This includes any rules here as well as the rules for Open Legend (favoring our rules if they contradict).


Be respectful.

Now, this isn’t necessarily “Don’t Upset Anyone” but instead just respect bounds and understand when things shouldn’t be said. The goal here is inclusive and meant to be inviting. But even the most well meant gesture can cause people to go off worse than that discount firecracker in your back pocket. That’s not an invitation to retaliate! Instead excuse yourself if needed and inform myself or other moderators. This extends to chats like the Narrator and Moderator chats as well as any chat service we host on.


Use the Force, Harry - Gandalf [Patrick Stewart Picture].

We all love our references and media. From Darth Vader to Winnie the Pooh to JRPG clone number five hundred and eighty-seven, but that does not mean it is okay to directly copy one of those characters or worlds into this one. I’m not just talking about a direct port, but if you make a man who almost died and has to wear armor that distorts his voice while striving for revenge against the friend and mentor that did it to him with obvious pulls towards Darth Vader… pray to whatever god(s) or whatever you believe in when I come a knocking. Taking pieces from a character is fine, such as an appearance or some minor traits, but emulating that character with a different name is still punishable. This isn’t Neverland or Kansas, but I can assure you I’ll sprinkle my magic dust on you to summon a tornado to take you out of this game (or that(those) character(s) if a first time offense).


There are no Underage characters allowed.

This includes characters that appear/act underage but are “adults”. Having a few childish behaviors is fine, but Loli and Shota are a nono. You need to be at least this tall to ride the SLC.


Don’t ask;don’t tell.

I don’t care what happens between consenting adults in private chats, but I do give a damn about what happens in the public chat rooms or harassment to younger/nonconsenting players. If you are shagging that guy/girl/monster/grill/thing, you don’t need to do it publicly or announce it to the world. Mentioning the topic can be fine (“I want to sleep with John”), but talking about what Yoga position is best when doing the nasty will get you perfecting the fucking-gone-pose after being warned based on severity. Basically, keep the details out and you stay in. Bring them in, and you go out. Simple in and out philosophy.


Characters must be approved before playing in an ER or RPing in ORP.

You'll need to be approved by a moderator before you can play that character. Each character needs approval. Please be patient, we’ll get to you. While you are reading this, make sure you read up on Applying an ERRT, so that way approval goes easier. Failure to get approval can lead to removal from game, but I understand. You really want to get Bob the Buildbarian out cracking skulls and sometimes you jump the gun. It’s not the end of the world, most of the time… These character sheets must also be in the Roll20 room using one of the sheets we give you.


But Jim said I could have it.

Open Legend requires a lot of arbitration Narrator side. This means your build may not always work the way it does between different ERs if the character has some reliance on some stuff not explicitly written. It is key to speak to the Narrator prior to the ER to ensure things are fine before finding out that the ruling makes your character lackluster or unplayable. This flexibility is a boon in a standard game, but it can be a bane in an LC. We understand it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world if the right precautions are taken. If you keep pressing the issue while in the ER, the Narrator has full authority to remove you from the session with no rewards.


No Double Dipping.

Just like that chip bowl, it just ain’t cool to take a bite and dip again. For that case, you only can be on one ER. Trying to get on a second one while on one already is just rude to both Narrators and any spots you’ve taken from someone who would give one their full attention. If you don’t follow this rule, you will find yourself out of both encounters with no credit. Keep doing it and we just won’t invite you to our parties anymore. This also includes any other bowls of dip you got, so if you are in a private campaign, please don’t hop into an encounter. We won’t necessarily know if you are, but if we find out, it’s up to the Narrator whether you can stay in.


I put a silencer on a grenade launcher!

Any custom item or perk must be approved by a moderator or myself. Just because it can be made, doesn’t mean it should. If you wish to protest an item approved or one that failed to receive approval, you should send the moderator team or myself a message with the reasoning. We’ll look into it and make a call as a team.



When you go on an adventure, you’ll kill people. And when you kill people, they drop cool things. And when they drop cool things, people want them. However, at the end of an encounter, you do not get to keep any items, animations, or otherwise gained powers acquired this way. I know, you have to depart with your lovingly stolen gear, it sucks. But, in order to maintain balance, this is for the best. Instead, you can use one of your purchase slots to acquire it if it is of mechanical benefit. If it’s just like a trophy or other cosmetic item, you are free to keep it. This also means abilities are reset at each encounter, including things like charmed enemies, animated things, or so on unless that Narrator is running a continuation of the previous ER and allows it. Be wary using Memory Alteration on fellow players though, as it is assumed that sometime during downtime they could remember what you did...


I’m the Hero!

You might be! But, you aren’t the only one. You should respect your other players and let others have a chance to shine if you find yourself leading the group or being the foremost one to do most everything, ordering people around like you are their master. We do understand that sometimes, groups are passive and rely on someone to drive the group forward and that’s not necessarily main charactering, and you’ll not get in trouble for that. But if you constantly treat others as secondary characters in encounters you are on, you will receive a warning. If the behavior continues, you’ll be suspended for a week, and if it continues after that, you’ll be removed from the game.


No Mustache Twirling.

You cannot be a villainous character or character who would be deemed Evil. I may not have a mustache, but I twirl it enough for the whole server. That doesn’t mean you have to be good though, just not evil.


Merchant Simulator IX.

You may decide you want to make things and sell things or perhaps just buy your friends something pretty to hand over and whatever. But... Trading isn't legal. Please, put down the tomatoes and I'll explain. Trading severely unbalances things if I, a tenth level character, just buys everything for my level one other character or for a friend. It allows bypassing the purchase slots and can make some people way too powerful. Instead, you may borrow or lend other people items who are on the same ER as you. You can also trade non-mechanical items or even flavor a purchase as buying it off of a friend.


English, do you speak it!?

I'm not going to police your grammar in a strict sense, but you need to be able to read and write English well enough to be able to understand and be understood without major complications. If you do struggle, we can try to help you understand structure more and how to put together the thoughts or ideas more closely. If the issue continues where people are avoiding interacting with you due to a lack of communication skills, you will likely not have fun with SLC. And while it kind of sucks to remove you for that reason, I do think it would be better for you to find a group in a language you can properly read and write.


Where'd I Put My Keys!?

Basic gear such as Rope, Maps, Tools of your Trade (that aren't something extraordinary), Rations, and similar are things all characters are expected to have and do not fall under "Important Inventory." The flavor may change in exactly what it is, but it should be assumed that people have the tools they need to do the things they do. These types of items are generally considered inconsequential WL1 items or acquired via attribute, feat, or perk commitments and do not need to be logged or tracked though you should be able to explain why you have them. Gear that doesn't fall under these categories -- weapons, armor, extraordinary gear, non-trade tools, or items that grant a mechanical advantage beyond the commitments of feats/perks/attributes, and similar -- must be purchased and logged.


The easiest way to determine what each serves as is to ask if the item is providing advantage beyond your abilities provide. A compass helps survive the wilderness, track, and avoid getting lost while navigating, likely granting advantage on relevant rolls. A rope, on the other hand, is mostly narrative explanation to incapacitating someone, assisting someone climb, and represents a might roll of someone catching another while falling. Non purchased gear provides no mechanical advantages besides narrative explanation of abilities a character can do. Should it need or want to provide benefits, the item will need to be purchased and may give advantage or lower difficulty in relative scenarios.

It is suggested to log these narrative items under your ER and Purchase log in the "Non-Essential Inventory or Notes" section of the sheet.

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