Living Campaign

Large Scale

 Seyaria Living Campaign (SLC) is based in a custom setting that allows a lot of freedom of narration as well as promotes creative direction assistance from players!

Open Legend
System as Base

 Seyaria Living Campaign uses the Open Legend system as a base for the storytelling and gaming. This allows more dynamic storytelling and extremely diverse casts of characters!

High Fantasy
Sky Island Adventure

The world of SLC is focused on a plane of floating islands where the ocean is above and a strange electrical storm below! The central focus of SLC is the aptly named city... Seyaria which serves as a resting location to explore the rest of the plane!

Roll20 Use
and Integration

 SLC is based in the free online tabletop experience of Roll20. This allows us to keep the game going with minimal disruptions. It also gives us access to tools to better the gaming experience.

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