Open Roleplay

Open World Roleplay is the period of time between Encounters or Narrator run events. You won’t ever get any experience from it, but instead can talk out previous jobs, find a group of friends, or brood in a corner about how some mysterious evil bad guy killed your family and now you seek vengeance. Whatever it happens to be. ORP just happens even without a narrator though often one will be watching to keep things following the rules. That means you should be keeping things appropriate (in both behavior and setting). This is spelled out more under the Rules page.


So, one might beg the question of, if I don’t get any experience for it, why is it important? It helps build a community and friends. Your character can meet new allies, form opinions on that novice mage that keeps trying to make a feather float, or possibly even help deal out some awesome stories. It is felt that it is essential to keep this behavior unrewarded to avoid things like favoritism, people only RPing when a Narrator is online, or people feeling that one type of RP is better than another. That last point does carry some exceptions for there are such things as bad types of RP. Godmodding, pornography, or out of world roleplay is not permitted. You are not a god, not everyone we have or will have is above 18 (or wants to know the size of the snake in your boot), and you are not Lucina traveling through time to save your third aunt’s removed cat’s food’s owner’s uncle (I dunno… I think that was how it was in that game!).

ORP will always be in the Main Room and never in any other Roll20 room though some rooms will likely have a fake main room in it to simulate starting there and moving on to the encounter.

Oh no! Someone did a bad! The first step is to screenshot the thing going on. Whether this be in Private Chats (assuming of course there is no consent or with a minor), Main Room, or our Discord, screenshot it. We generally cannot take action against something that happened without proof. Even if you are my best friend, we need to be fair to all parties. If it happened in the Main Room, then also include the time and date the event occurred (otherwise we may never find it in the chat log). DO NOT attempt to stir up a witch hunt or otherwise get a mob of people against the person. We will handle the situation. With the evidence in hand, bring it to one of the Moderators in a Private Chat. Do not publicly humiliate them. Any such behavior will also be punished. Even if the person that is being humiliated or hunted is in the wrong, you will be punished.

Reporting An Issue

API Features

We do use API features in Roll20 to facilitate easier use of the main room and smaller pages to load so that people are not overwhelmed by a giant map. Plus, our computers don't like that anyways, and we don't want them to explode! So below I'll try to keep an updated list of commands that will likely be of use while spending time in the main room.

  • Swapping Maps

    • !mc rejoin (takes you to the main page)

    • !mc move --target Rooms

    • !mc move --target Maps

    • Or you can use the Map Change macro under "Collections" --> "Macros"

  • Initiative Stuff

    • !eot

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