The administration of SLC isn't a government or an elected body of people. They are people who either are asked or ask us to be leaders of the community. Certain qualities are expected of them, but that does not make them better than the rest of the members. If anything, they are held to a higher standard as they tend to be the leaders of the community. They aren't being paid by us to handle what goes on here. Instead, it is all volunteer. Requesting or receiving payment (of real money or goods) for running an Encounter in SLC is expressly forbidden. If you are caught doing such, there will be no warning; you will be banned permanently. Giving a member of the administration a gift is still allowed, so long as it isn't in payment of encounters or other services. This includes giving gifts of Roll20 membership or resource packs. They are not obligated to do anything for you after receiving a gift. Attempting to bribe or hold a gift over an admin as leverage will see you banned.

There are two groups in Seyaria's administration: Narrators and Moderators. These two roles are different, but one admin could have both roles (should they wish to). Narrators are also known as Game Masters, Dungeon Masters, Storytellers, or a number of other names, they are those who run encounters and handle the storytelling aspect of the game. This is also assisting with world building as well as approving content focused around narrative. A Moderator handles things like approvals and enforcing the rules. They keep our chats clean, your characters and items approved (unless special approval is needed), and arbitrate disagreements should it be needed.

These roles exist because it is impossible for one person alone to run a community and run a game of this magnitude. Of course, these are all assisting roles to myself, Courtney, founder of SLC. I try to be fair in all matters, but it is important to note, like all of us (well, most of us), I am human. My role is one of great power that I wish to flex as minimally as possible, but one thing to know is that I do have final say on all decisions (but will often work with the team) and could say no to a popular vote, which I will never start one unless I am open to all presented solutions in either case, if I felt it wasn't a good option. I can be persuaded and will attempt to keep my mind open to all suggestions.

Reporting an Admin

It happens. An angel falls from he- Wait... wrong book. As mentioned above, we are human. But, sometimes, we are bad humans and break the rules. Admins are not exempt of the rules. If you encounter an Admin abusing their power or breaking the rules, we want to know. There are a few ways to do this, but the most important part on all of them is having proof. Screenshots or other concrete proof are essential for reporting anyone whether admin or not. We will not weigh words against each other, but having multiple people speak up (that are not just your friends) gives more merit to the claims which will then be investigated.

However, how do you do it? The first method is find a member of the admin team that you trust and inform them, giving them your proof. If you wish, you can keep yourself anonymous, but who you are will not reflect how we react unless you are notable for making false claims. It is likely that we will find out who you are in the investigation, but we will keep your name out of announcements or talks. This is the best option. The second option is to fill out our survey at the bottom of the page. This does not allow an anonymous option. Forms without names will be ignored, as we've seen this system abused to just harass.

In fact, their are many ways to do this, but one way that is not allowed is calling it out in public. This is not to keep matters hidden, but to avoid things like Guilty by Mob even if the claim is false. Even if you have the most damning evidence in the world, public call outs are not okay.

Opinion Survey

Below is a survey in which you can send us your general suggestions, opinions, and ideas on the state of the game we run. This does not allow you to be anonymous due to users having used similar methods to harass, insult, or otherwise break the rules of SLC (particularly the be respectful one) without concern. We understand that you might feel this could lead to backlash from the administration, but any such behavior will be punished by myself unless the content received breaks SLC rules. In which case, you will receive the punishment fit for the broken rules. So, you need to follow the rules when posting these. Lay out the issue respectfully even if it is targeting a member of the Admin team.

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